Activities of the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance – EOPPEP

EOPPEP is the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance, an all-encompassing body investing on better quality and more efficient & reliable lifelong learning services in Greece. EOPPEP operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs, following the merging of three national bodies, the National Centre for the Accreditation of Lifelong Learning Providers (EKEPIS), the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications (EOPP) & the National Centre for Vocational Guidance (EKEP).

EOPPEP’s responsibilities

logo EOPPEP-ENEOPPEP is responsible for a wide range of activities towards creating and maintaining a holistic policy framework for the development of lifelong learning and certification of qualifications in Greece, linked with the EU policies, the open market and the needs of the citizens.

  • EOPPEP & Lifelong learning inputs: accreditation of training providers implementing VET and lifelong learning programs, accreditation of occupational profiles, accreditation of Trainers for Adults and Support Services Professionals for social vulnerable groups.
  • EOPPEP & Lifelong learning outputs-learning outcomes: accreditation of knowledge, skills and competences acquired via non-formal & informal learning pathways and certification of qualifications.
  • EOPPEP & Career guidance: provision of technical support to the Ministries of Education and Labour in designing and implementing a National Career Policy Guidance, coordination & cooperation of guidance stakeholders and providers, development of viable career guidance services & information tools for supporting citizens of every age, training and up skilling of guidance practitioners, setting up of the quality criteria for guidance services providers.
  • EOPPEP at EU level: EOPPEP is the Euroguidance Centre of Greece, the Greek Europass Centre, the National Contact Point for the European Qualifications Framework as well as the body responsible for the development of the National Qualifications Framework, the National Reference Point for Quality Assurance in VET – member of the European network for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET) and a member of the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network.

Target groups benefiting from EOPPEP’s work can be all members of the Greek society as potential beneficiaries of quality lifelong learning and career guidance services, at regional and national level (e.g. public and private Education & VET providers, Adult trainers, Guidance practitioners, public and private career guidance services, pupils, students, parents, the unemployed, professionals etc. that seek opportunities for skills and qualifications upgrading).

EOPPEP activities in the field of career guidance

In Greece, the responsibility for administering career guidance services in the fields of education and employment lies with the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Welfare. In this respect, EOPPEP acts as the national coordination body, which ensures the quality provision, the professionalization of career guidance, the networking among the different guidance stakeholders and the constant development of information, guidance and counselling tools and material for the guidance practitioners and the end users. EOPPEP implements actions that contribute to the promotion of career guidance in Greece and to the upgrading of the services provided in accordance with the latest career guidance developments and the EU priorities and guidelines.

Promote Career Management Skills & Access to Career Guidance Services

Interactive Guidance Portal for adolescents and youngsters

The Portal developed at the end of 2012 is widely used by students, young people and guidance practitioners. Friendly career tools enhance the access of more users to guidance in the field of education:

  • Digitized interest, values and decision making on line tests
  • E-portfolio development Tool
  • The Greek Real Game for adolescents aged 12-15 and 15-18 (soon to be launched)
  • Videos for professions and basic skills (under construction)
  • “Ask the counsellor” section
  • Thematic information catalogues – Useful Links

The Lifelong Career Development Portal

The newly developed Lifelong Career Development Portal is supported within the activities of EOPPEP as the Euroguidance Centre of Greece, providing innovating services for career development and mobility information targeted to adults of all ages (Digitized on line career tests, E-Counselling Services, E- Lifelong Career Portfolio Development Tool, Career & Mobility information Resources, Career Management Skills Section).

The National Learning Opportunities Database “PLOIGOS”

The Greek National Database of educational opportunities called ” PLOIGOS ”, developed in 2009 by the Euroguidance Centre of Greece, provides information to Greek and European citizens (students, job seekers, parents, guidance counsellors, teachers etc.) about learningopportunities of all types (General Education, Vocational Education and Training, Special Education etc) and levels of education in all geographical regions of Greece. The database contains around 13.000 educational opportunities which are regularly updated with the participation of educational opportunity providers. PLOIGOS is connected to the European Portal PLOTEUS, promoting educational mobility throughout the European space. PLOIGOS will be further developed within the activities of EOPPEP as being the Euroguidance Centre of Greece.

Trainings & Material for Guidance Practitioners & the end users

E.O.P.P.E.P. – Euroguidance Centre of Greece aiming at the scientific support of the staff offering Counselling and Career Guidance services all over Greece. In this respect regular training seminars, workshops and conferences are organised for the guidance practitioners working in secondary education, HE, PES and lifelong learning and guidance settings at local or regional level. The objective is to provide expertise and systematic information on current developments and important issues in order to upgrade the relevant skills of career guidance practitioners working in the field of education, training and employment. Latest trainings and production of adequate material addressed the issues Mobility Skills development and Career Management Skills development. Relevant material is systematically produced to motivate the end users of all ages towards lifelong career development.

Enhance Quality in Career Guidance Provision

EOPPEP invests in ensuring the quality of non-formal education and
lifelong career guidance provision. Quality assurance of non-formal education and lifelong counseling and guidance in collaboration with other relevant entities is an important area of ​​competence for EOPPEP, following national and European priorities. Our

  • Development of a National Quality Assurance System Of Guidance Services (2007)
  • Implementation of  Sectorial Studies & Self-evaluation Guidelines for guidance practitioners
  • Participate at the development of the Quality Framework for LLL (including career guidance) (2012) administered by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
  • Development of the Career Guidance Practitioner Occupational profile (2012)
  • Development of the Greek Code of Ethics for Guidance Provision (2013)
  • Preparing the institutional framework for the Certification of Qualifications of the Guidance Practitioners (currently)
  • Up skilling activities targeted to the Guidance Practitioners and Guidance Providers of the public and private sector (seminars, publications, tools on annual basis)

Facilitate cooperation and coordination among the Career Guidance Stakeholders

The Lifelong Guidance Forum “IRIDA”

The Greek National Lifelong Guidance Forum “IRIDA” is a platform for dialogue and communication about career guidance provision and policy issues. IRIDA aims to promote synergy and complementarity of actions among guidance providers and practitioners in public and private sectors at national, regional and local level, as well as to enhance the quality of provided services. Guidance practitioners, working in the public or private sector, may introduce and participate in conversations, pose questions, communicate ideas and practices, exchange opinions on several issues, upload related texts and images regarding the planning and implementation of life long guidance activities, such as new tools and innovative methods of career guidance, guidance policy issues, professional development issues, the European dimension of lifelong guidance etc. EOPPEP, as the coordinator of the Forum, facilitates the active participation of the representatives of the career guidance providers, the social partners and the end users.


Fotini Vlachaki
Guidance Counselor MSc, Head of division for Career Guidance & Counselling of ΕOPPEP – Euroguidance Centre of Greece