Human Transformative Leadership© Very first Celebration Day – 8 DEC 2022
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What an intensive experiential learning courses-journey! During the semester of Fall 2022, my Leadership students-community doubled compared to the Spring! Almost 300ish students in 8 leadership courses. Although the dedicated paths, we walked together under the same vision #saveleadership #savesoil, towards the same direction: “out there – they say – leadership is in crisis, our in-time is now! Together for a new leadership MONDO!”
Welcome to enjoy here following some self-reflections on the leadership of the future written by some of the masters’ students representing different implementations of the course Leadership Dynamics, the teaser video, and the full recording of the Human Transformative Leadership© – Celebration Day held at for the very first time ever on 8 DEC 2022. Thank you all for being part of this inevitable moment. Yours, Zella

Together for a new leadership MONDO! #saveleadership #savesoil

For a New Leadership MONDO

written by Äzäm (Asa) Mirzaei (Iran/Finland), Raminder Kaur Rajput (India/Finland), Anil Kumar (India/Finland), Sahil Sase (India/Finland), Gagandeep Singh (India/Finland), Marcella Zoccoli (Italy/Finland/India)

Cooperation is the key by Gagandeep Singh

The most important thing is to think beyond the existing boundaries of traditional leadership through a new consciousness, which is achievable through thought sharing, a collaboration of different cultures, diversity, and collectivism. Cooperation is the key to becoming successful in the recent world which encourages communication and provides a solution to complex problems.

New world leadership provides the framework which collaborates individuals to perform at a common platform for common goals through collectivism and provides recognition to each one according to their inputs. At the same time, it encourages the individual who does not perform well through constructive criticism. It motivates individuals to perform well in the future and helps to build skills to perform well in complex situations. Psychological safety at the workplace is the next important thing. It is the base of creative intelligence. It creates an environment that motivates people to involve in projects which ultimately leads to collective brainstorming.

New world leaders are the one who does not rely on the present rather they think about the future and try to build up teams with an adaptive approach. Empathy is the tool to understand the needs of the people to lead. It creates a sense of harmony and builds trust and a positive environment.

Collective leadership is the most essential tool for problem-solving. Brainstorming with teams and co-creation helps to understand the problem in different ways. It also helps to get different solutions for the same problem. As a leader all needed is to collaborate and filter the inputs from teams to get the best results. This creates a healthy and positive environment in the workplace.

Leaders inwardly focused traits by Anil Kumar

Maintaining clear communication with our people or team members and training them to gain leadership traits, Integrity and honesty are important components of every institution, company, or organization. Giving responsibility and imparting duties effectively by building trust and giving them a certain freedom in decision-making will help build a powerful team.

Using yoga and meditation creates self-awareness which helps in creating more inwardly focused traits. The better our teammates, colleagues, or employees understand themselves and recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, the more effective they can be as leaders. Practicing gratitude can lead to higher self-esteem, reduced depression and anxiety, and better sleep, this way my team performs better. Emotional intelligence, learning agility, having the courage to express, using empathy, and appreciating the efforts makes the team work efficiently and achieve the manifestation of our vision.

Leading for Growth by Raminder Kaur Rajput

A direct leadership style is leading by example, delegating tasks, taking the lead on projects, staying involved, and inspiring people by showing that we are working hands –onto help them too. There are 5 elements of self-leadership that the trainers-facilitator must update and upskill constantly so that my leadership qualities are applied and can support leaders to overcome challenges and become good leaders of society:  self-awareness, self-management, self-efficiency, emotional intelligence, and locus of control.

Good leaders of the future constantly uphold the same standards for their workers and encourage moral and ethical conduct at work. They place a premium on professionalism and seek to ensure that others do as well. They set an example by setting clear expectations regarding their principles so there can be no misunderstanding, but they also lead by example.

Leader of the Future by Sahil Sase

The leader of the future is a leader who always tries trying to merge historical leadership with modern leadership. A leader who is willing to lean into change and take the opportunity to grow and learn from every experience. A leader who is result oriented and prefers to consider the big picture while taking care of the small details in mind. A socially and professionally active mix of working autonomously and with others in a group. Not afraid to share points of view and am willing to offer his/her approach for the greater goal. A self-reliant person nourishes self-leadership qualities. A considerate person who helps people to build relationships on the foundation of trust. Good listener with a crucial skill: helping others to create a space suitable to share ideas.

Curious ad transparent: clarifying questions before jumping to a conclusion or solution which will bring stability to working with him/her. me. Able to display exhibiting team spirit which will help to lead the team in critical situations.  Lead from the front rather than instructing and staying back but when necessary, sharing some tasks and responsibilities with others to create and make feel a sense of responsibility and trust. Connecting versus commanding, leadership appears when we are connecting with people working with us and through the process, emotional bonds are developed with people that sometimes help leaders build trust and strong bonds with people.

Emotionally Intelligent, solving a lot of problems while dealing with people by being attentive to the well-being and safety of a balanced leader: strict and strong but also gentle and kind. Open, encouraging, and trained to receive and give feedback in a positive way. Introducing a creative way to work towards a new task where we can bring new ideas, and everyone gets a chance to express themselves without holding back so everyone can work or find the solutions that we are looking for.

Sustainable Leadership by Äzäm (Asa) Mirzaei

In terms of being effective and good, a sustainable leader should settle clear goals to achieve and deliver them to her/his employees and reward them after achieving those targets. Further, this leader provides both positive and negative feedback to subordinates during the work journey as these reflections are constructive for work progress and do not hurt people’s self-esteem. This kind of leader pays special attention to employees’ feelings by utilizing all three kinds of empathy (cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy) wherever needed because a conscious sustainable leader should be able to understand her/his environment and should behave accordingly. Furthermore, being amiable, vital, accountable, and concentrated can maintain a realistic perspective of the situations while achieving goals on time with hardworking, motivation, and joy. Knowing how to behave in a teamwork manner so that everyone sees themselves as precious member in a psychologically safe working climate contributes to high efficiency as well as a viable and satisfied team, leading to enthusiasm and success at work.

Another important aspect of future leadership is consciousness and open-mindedness. As the current business world is complex and calls for managers and leaders to challenge their abilities in such an environment, mastering a conscious attitude toward the issues with an open mind is vital. To do this we should see the leader in us as a transformative leader who is assertive enough to be affiliative and democratic at work, which is possible by continuous learning and communication with peers and being a good listener. By being aware of the consequences of initiatives that remain destructive impacts on the planet and individuals’ personalities both in the short and long time, a transformative leader also puts special emphasis on nature and sustainability. On the other hand, such a leader avoids being incompetent. That means leaders could refrain from many harmful behaviors resulting in sabotaging the company’s goal and staff’s motivation at work. Furthermore, bullying and abuse, as well as toxicity, should not be part of a sustainable leader’s working methods because all these lead to an uncertain and inefficient working environment that contradicts sustainably.

In addition, preventing from sticking to old stereotypes of leadership which avoid listening to and accepting people’s feedback, would be another significant characteristic of a future leader, meaning staying away from the big ego that blinds over a leader’s shortcomings. All negative characteristics of a bad leader not only affect the organization but also hurt leaders’ personalities. That means, over time, they could lose social integrity, inclusion, and well-being. Therefore, as a sociable leader, an aware manager averts being a bad leader. A constructive leader who concentrates on goal achievement, as well as team spirit, boosts all team members’ synergy and motivation. This kind of leadership also is a rewarding model that increases work experience and happiness.

Leadership: choice and soil by Marcella (Zella) Zoccoli

Leadership is a matter of focused choice and full dedication to prepare, work and maintain a fertile soil where to grow human possibilities under trained skills as a pre-condition and attitudes practiced in practice. Leadership, craftsmanship, expertise, masterpiece, mastery, artistry, magic… call it as you wish… …only with systematic devotion and honoring a commitment to the highest level of accomplishment oriented to the balance of all the dimensions of its eco-system, the vision – the star beyond the sky – will manifest its infinite and exuberant potential, fed and powered by the gentle lymph of inspiration, and creativity flowing through its profound, extensive and trusted roots.


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