Editorial board

Leadership e-Magazine in Finland

Writers: the students of the Basic Leadership Skills course at JAMK University of Applied Sciences
(Student editor-in-Chief: a volunteer according to the semester/community )

Editor-in-Chief: Marcella Zoccoli
(Basic Leadership Skills Course – Professional Teacher, Lecturer & SESS Trainer)

Peer-Reviewer (period May 2019 – May 2021) :
Kirsi Kemell(Management and Leadership – Senior Lecturer)

Dear Readers,

We are very glad to introduce you the Leadership e-Magazine CREATING LEADERSHIP

The very first edition of the Leadership magazine was created during the Basic Leadership Skills course at JAMK University of Applied Sciences during the semester of Fall 2018. It was one of the ten final teamwork project-based learning works the students had to present to the class as a final assignment.

The multicultural team “Community 5” composed by Vincent Brunaud (France), Yvan Dauga (France), Marketa Korenkova (Czechia), Alejandro Cuadrado Benavent (Spain) , Daniel Martin Suarez (Spain), Andrea Oliva Menendez (Spain), Meng Zeqiu (China)  and Shengwei Zhang (China)  after discussing many different possibilities, they decided to create this magazine with the aim of deepening their Leadership studies and to deliver to other students a useful learning tool.

With the permission of the students, the original idea has been developed and we are now bringing the magazine on the virtual space.

Starting in 2019, the Leadership e-Magazine will be published twice a year – June & December –  at the end of each academic semester after the Basic Leadership Skills course.

The articles published represent those voted by the class at the very end of the course as ”The One Article” to be published.

This e-Magazine is the place where the students’ voice wears the ”dress” of writing.