School of Human Transformative Leadership©

the school was conceived & designed by Marcella Zoccoli during the #LeadershipROUTE2020 and co-created-piloted with the international students of the Basic Leadership Skills course in Spring 2021.

11 weeks – 10 communities of practice – 1 digital class
one living and vibrant organism


Official Launch AY 21-22
Fall 2021

the winners of the BLS project-based S21:
Community 7 – Live to Lead
the students presented their model of the school based on their values: freedom, respect, integrity, and diversity

the school promotional video realized by the students as a project-based assignment related to the educational leadership activities experienced during Spring 21 will be presented to the new students during the School launch event in Fall 2021.

Manifesto of the School

The Manifesto of the School of Human Transformative Leadership© is under preparation and will be presented to the New Students in the Fall of 2021. It has been co-created thanks to the work and the contributions of the 10 communities:

  • for the Inspirations of a fully awareness-based leadership: Community 1 – the Community 1
  • for the Eagle sight attitude: Community 2 – the Eagle Family
  • for the School’s principles: Community 3 – Prestige Community
  • for the School’s perspectives: Community 4 – the Frassian Kiss
  • for the Learning Outcomes: Community 5 – the Fantastic 7
  • for the Personal & Professional Development leadership’s paths: Community 6 – the Baby Eagles
  • for the Values & Contemplative Practices: Community 7 – Lead to Lead
  • for the Logo-image of the School: Community 8 – The Eight Team
  • for the Social Impact & Social Responsibility: Community 9 – the Leader’SHIP
  • for the Ethical Code: Community 10 – Last but not Least

    We have made it happen 🙂

    with gratitude & joy,

the Logo-image of the School is based on the original design of J.C. 2021 “Leadership – one Drop” and it has been adapted & digitally re-designed by Gabriele Riolo with Community 8 (background images are copyright-free sourced from

School of Human Transformative Leadership© visioned by Marcella Zoccoli 2020
and co-created with the international students BLS S2021:

Community 1
Aman Pariyar
Louise Bouffort
Gleb Lavrentev
Carla Rondeaux
Inmaculada Macias Perez
Celia Rouveure  

Community 2
Lotta Nuorivaara
Antoine Bourdeau
Emilio Krzeminski
Blanche Minon
Elodie Michel
Inés Cáceres Aycart

Community 3
Paula Sánchez
Elena Kotelevitc
Inaya Madi
Selena Pierson D’Autrey
Camille Collenot-Guerrin
Gautier Touffet
Marcel Josh  

Community 4
Romain Houard
Elizaveta Bronitsyna
Alexandre De Clippeleir
Guillaume Ancel
Mathilde Sadowski
Anastasia Bohard
Emma Gornes

Community 5
Victor Giovanni
Janne Kautto Penttinen
Elena Maiorova
Guillaume Galopin
Cécile Abril
Kumkum Akter
Jade Saboureau  

Community 6
Kimberly Göhring
Noemy Duverneuil
Alexandre Van Wanghe
Souad Azahaf
Eytan Murciano
Astou Vasnier

Community 7
Sonia Shrestha
Fernanda García Ramos
Nika Mylko
Pierre Heyvang
Juliette Mellet
Arthur Couraud
Delaeter Baptiste
Fahim Larma

Community 8
Carmen Galindo Torregrosa
Marie-Lise Perrin
Shana Helea Lahmidi
Gabriele Riolo
Alexandre Zennaro
Andrej Djidrovski
Marine David
Clotilde Gastinne

Community 9
Rocío Nieto-Márquez Pérez
Lucie Dercksen
Marie Brandener
Boblin Louis
Raphael Gateau

Community 10
Janna Grönqvist
Jeanne Tornier
Walid Farahy
Nicole Rengifo Botero
Bertille De Saint Pol
Martina Nanni
Louison Quentin
Hatim Ibrahim

Leadership – One Drop” – J.C. 2021 🙂