Guide for reviewers

Reviewers evaluate manuscripts submitted to JAMK Journal of Health and Social Studies (JAMK-JHSS) according to the journal instructions, defined critical issues as well as originality, quality, accuracy and completeness of the articles. JAMK-JHSS reviewers will be requested to provide comments, feedback, suggest improvements on the paper as well as make note and recommendation about the evaluation of articles to editor about whether to accept, reject or request revision (minor or major changes) to the article. Although the final decision always rests with editor, reviewers play a considerable role in ultimate decision and outcomes.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate a manuscript for:

  • originality and the rigorous standards of the scientific research
  • validity, significance of intervention and contribution to the field of expertise
  • interest to health care and/or social scientists
  • reportage of proper previous literatures
  • satisfactory and acceptability of methodology and analysis
  • intelligible, succinct and scientific writing style
  • considering ethical contraventions according to plagiarism, research fraud etc.


Becoming a reviewer for JAMK-JHSS

If you would like to be added to our journal board as reviewer or member of (international) advisory board and database, you can always contact JAMK-JHSS editorial office ( or and volunteer your knowledge. The reviewers’ name, affiliation and country will be published online on Editorial Board and they will be able to cite their work for JAMK-JHSS as part of professional academic collaborating tasks required for various professional societies and organizations. The journal editorial office would provide official certificate for the reviewers and the members of (international) advisory board, whenever it is needed.