Frequently asked questions

The editorial boards of JAMK Journal of Health and Social Studies (JAMK-JHSS) provided a frequently asked question page to answer the common inquiries of students and supervisors who wish to publish thesis with JAMK-JHSS. Here, we answer your questions:

Question: Can I publish my thesis with JAMK-JHSS?

The answer is no. The theses in JAMK University of Applied Sciences publish in traditional format which is monograph and JAMK-JHSS would not publish monograph papers. Students should consider that the structure of monograph thesis is different from a research article. However, you are welcomed to publish a part of your thesis in an article format. If you wish to publish an article from your thesis, you may turn your thesis into a journal article. Here we cite a useful article from enago academy that explains how to prepare an article from your thesis.

Question: Can I use the same material from my thesis for a journal article or do I face to self-plagiarism?

This is the most common questions what students and supervisors ask us. The answer is that there are two options:

Option A: The thesis published with JAMK University of Applied Sciences before and the same material would publish in an article format with JAMK-JHSS. In this case, for the reason that you are using your own data, reusing the same material is not self-plagiarism at all. It is a standard practice for junior academics to publish the materials of their theses and in many disciplines it is strongly recommended. Moreover, as JAMK theses publication and JAMK-JHSS have the same copyright holder that is JAMK University of Applied Sciences, using the same material would not face to any conflict. Indeed, you should state that the article is from your thesis and the URN code of your thesis would be added in the first page of article published by JAMK-JHSS. More discussions about reusing the same material of thesis in journal articles can be found at ResearchGate.

Option B: The article published with JAMK-JHSS and the thesis would be published later. In this case, you need the permission of JAMK-JHSS for reusing the same material in your thesis and JAMK-JHSS would give the permission of reusing its published articles in only JAMK-JHSS format.

Question: May I ask my supervisors of my thesis to participate in my article as co-authors?

The answer is yes. Actually, it is recommended by JAMK University of Applied Sciences that JAMK staffs participate in journal publications as authors and/or co-authors. In this case, student(s) would be the first author(s) of their article and supervisors would be co-authors and their name would be placed in alphabetic format after the student name(s).