Securing the future of Mediakonserni Keskisuomalainen

Abstract: This case addresses the challenges faced by Mediakonserni Keskisuomalainen, a Finnish communications and media corporation, in response to the overall change in consumer buying behaviour and media usage.

Grand social challenges and opportunities to business in China

Abstract: Since the introduction of economic reform policies in China, private and foreign business has spread throughout the country. Today, the impact can be seen at every level of Chinese society, from reductions in poverty to the sheer scale of the Chinese economy.

It’s time for the wind to blow for Alaçatı

Abstract: Alaçatı, a small village located on the Aegean Sea in Western Turkey, has become a popular holiday destination in the country within the recent years. The purpose of this case is to introduce the Alaçatı tourism cluster with its actors and assess its current situation.