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An Electronic Journal of Evolving Pedagogy – Greetings from Finland
Editors-in-Chief: Eila Burns, Hannele Torvinen, Outi Niininen
ISSN 2489-2386

Evolving Pedagogy- Greetings from Finland fosters pedagogy development. This journal publishes both articles (these are best described as traditional research papers) as well as practice papers that have a sound practical grounding (e.g. new pedagogy evolving from teaching practice, lessons we as teachers learned from our classrooms etc).

All papers should aim to improve the quality and usability of educational research as well as its impact on teaching practice at any level from play school to adult education as well as on-the job training. Both articles and practice papers should be accessible to the generalist reader and each paper should provide clear take-away value by describing the context of a problem of practical, pedagogical importance as well as offer a contemporary solution.

Our readers are looking for pedagogical innovation and want to share in your pedagogical inspirations; therefore we welcome submissions from teachers, researchers, students, academics and specialist trainers alike.

Both articles and practice papers should be original contributions (i.e. not previously published), not exceed 8000 words and arguments should be supported by the relevant literature. All articles and practice papers are submitted to double blind review process (ca. 4 weeks process), and they will be published immediately after acceptance of the final versions.

For your questions do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to eila.burns@jamk.fi

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Recent Posts

Connectivism, the pedagogical social fabric and the pipe as a knowledge and skills conductor in the professional identity formation of the student in higher education in the 21st century

Author: Marcella Zoccoli| To be a teacher in the right sense is to be a learner. I am not a teacher only a fellow student. -Søren Kierkegaard Abstract This practice paper is based on a previous inedited essay written by the author in early November 2018 during the studies at JAMK Teacher Education College accomplished…

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Finding our way in the world of interactive eBook making

An approach to  Design-Based Research and experiential learning. Authors: Reudler Talsma Johanna1, Koivu- Mouloudj Anniina, Aluoch Ernest, Parppei Jouko, Eila Burns| This article describes the process the teacher students carried out and the results they achieved when they took part in JAMK’s Future Factory activities. At the School of Professional Teacher Education such a possibility…

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Teacher training and personalised learning

Authors: Seija Koskela and Virpi Koskelo| In 2017-2019 we, as representatives of the school of professional teacher education, participated in a European Erasmus+ project called Personalised Learning. The aim of the project was to find out how teaching and learning processes, especially in secondary education, are personalised in different European countries (England, Poland, the Netherlands)….

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Transfer of tacit knowledge in organizations

Authors: Soile Hakkarainen, Outi Saramäki & Jenny Makkonen| In recent years, organizations worldwide have come to realise the value of tacit knowledge, the experience and knowhow of their employees. The methods for collecting and sharing this resource, however, are poorly known and implemented. This small survey in four different organizations in Finland reveals the lack…

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Opportunities of e-learning in developing countries: Case Ghana

Authors Dr. Emmanuel Ndzibah and Cephas Ofori| E-learning has over the years become a channel for a lot of educational institutions and organizations in developed economies to effectively disseminate information as well as teach and train individuals, groups and corporate entities with a wide range of subjects and its related opportunities. There is more to…

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Motivation of Online Learners

Authors Joseph Aduayi-Akue, Kodjovi Lotchi, Subia Parveen, Tanja Onatsu, Tuula Pehkonen-Elmi| This paper is based on the pedagogical project which focuses on the main factors that motivates or demotivates learners while they are studying online. Specifically, this paper focuses on technical and pedagogical aspects that are needed to make an online course attractive and motivating…

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Portfolio as a Tool for Teachers’ Reflective Thinking and Professional Identity Development

Authors: Dr. Eila Burns  and Prof.Asoc. Dr. Kastriot Buza| The purpose of this presentation paper is to discuss whether teacher trainees’ portfolios demonstrated evidence of reflective thinking on the different aspects of teachers’ performance. An investigation onto teacher trainees’ portfolios was conducted in teacher education in Kosovo (University of Pristina, Faculty of Education) and in…

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