Motivation of Online Learners

Authors: Joseph Aduayi-Akue, Kodjovi Lotchi, Subia Parveen, Tanja Onatsu, Tuula Pehkonen-Elmi   Abstract This paper is based on the pedagogical project which focuses on the main factors that motivates or demotivates learners while they are studying online. Specifically, this paper focuses on technical and pedagogical aspects that are needed to make an online course attractive…

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Portfolio as a Tool for Teachers’ Reflective Thinking and Professional Identity Development

Authors: Dr. Eila Burns *  JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College,  Jyväskylä, Finland  and Prof.Asoc. Dr. Kastriot Buza, University of Pristina, Faculty of Education,  Pristina, Kosovo   Abstract   The purpose of this presentation paper is to discuss whether teacher trainees’ portfolios demonstrated evidence of reflective thinking on the different aspects of teachers’ performance….

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Productization of know-how – Pedagogical Development Project of Lion’s Den Learning Circle

Authors: Korhonen, Jenni; Owino, Rolex & Nemilentsev, Mikhail Introduction Three students at JAMK Teacher Education College came together to combine their ideas & skills on pedagogy, business smarts, and knowledge of social sciences. Since the background on entrepreneurial affairs was strong in the three, the perspective was chosen to be on the entrepreneurs. The group…

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