About the Journal

The Nordic Journal of Rehabilitation is an online journal that provides a forum for original research and scholarship in the field of rehabilitation along with research methods relevant to rehabilitation or other related professionals. The journal aims to promote excellence in rehabilitation by publishing original research, systematic and other reviews, evidence-based information, critical discussions, master and bachelor thesis and commentary together with research protocols.
This journal publishes original articles in a peer-reviewed process of interest to the rehabilitation communities and it offers authors the benefits of:

  • Finding a larger readership and possibility to disseminate RDI results
  • Efficient editorial processes with the average time from submission to first decision of 3 weeks (excluding Christmas and summer breaks which are separately announced)
    • After 3 weeks you get the information of the decision
    • Reviewers are given a tight deadline to review the manuscript.
    • Online publication as soon as possible after the submission of final approved version.
  • Professional peer reviewing process by a wide range of researchers
  • Open access publication and free of charge
  • Language of publication is English or Finnish or Swedish
    The journal supports the Equator Network (http://www.equator-network.org/) which is an international resourcefulness seeking to enhance the reliability and the value of health-related studies by providing logical and accurate reporting of research literature. The journal requests authors to apply appropriate reporting guidelines, while submitting their research articles, to follow excellence in scientific reporting.