Effects of project-based learning in education-enterprise collaboration to learning experience and student engagement

This article focuses on the high tech management specialization programme at JAMK University of Applied Sciences and studies the impacts of project-based learning through enterprise collaboration.

Abstract: Studies of management can be built around multiple pedagogical principles, from lecture- and reading-based methods to case studies, project- and problem-based studies or even holistic development programmes performed in collaboration with corporate partners. In wider entities mixing some of the above methods is typical. This paper looks at the impact on learning experience of engaging live projects – performing research and development assignments for existing technology companies – as part of the one-semester specialization programme of high-tech management at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland. In evaluation of the rationale of this pedagogical choice this paper utilizes the learnings of prior-art research as well as the guidance given by the legislation and the strategy of the institution. The results indicate that this pedagogical approach has the potential to deliver better learning outcomes compared to other traditional types of courses at JAMK offered by the same teachers.

Keywords: Interaction, problem-based learning, project-organized learning, project study, collaboration


Juha Saukkonen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Business, Rajakatu 35, 40200, Jyväskylä, Finland, juha.saukkonen (at) jamk.fi

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  1. Theoretically and practically it is true that multiple pedagogical principles such as lectures, reading based methods to case studies, project and problem based learning are more effective way of delivering knowledge to students although its challenging to teachers and time consuming as well but on other hand these methods are key to innovation and produce quality of learning outcomes for the nation and economy.In my point of view problem based learning are much more reasonable method to adopt in context of time saving and open to more new ideas for students .

  2. Student involvement in teaching and learning through project works is vital as it exposes them to the corporate world hence gaining knowledge and skills. This prepares us to what we expect in when we finally settles in corporate world.

  3. Learning by doing is always more fun and efficient in my opinion. That’s why I started to study at a University of Applied Sciences and not a regular one. Having a good project and then seeing the outcome motivates you to go on and try even harder…

  4. From my point of view, doing projects in course is a good way to get knowledge. The knowledge and skills we got in doing projects are more practical and useful. As some kind of knowledge cannot be taught in the contact class, but do need students to experience it by themselves.

  5. Several previous students who have been at HTM during 2014, gave good feedback concerning Launchpad and 8-week entrepreneurial coaching programme, developed by Sharon C. Ballard and Jonathan Levie at EnableVentures Inc. I consider these possibilities as luxuries; it creates opportunities for student to learn efficiently and creates needed networks for the future.

  6. One of the main reasons that I chose to study at a university of applied sciences instead of a more common university is the teaching methods. I have always been able to learn and get involved much better while doing things, and it is great to see, that I am not alone in this. I hope that these methods are improved constantly and implemented much more than they are right now. Interesting study.

  7. It is definitely true that for building all range of management skills you need to work with projects, because in real life projects always around us, even in personal life. So, collaboration with real companies makes students feel the spirit of real business and real company’s goals. Theoretical knowledge can not teach you how to solve real business problems in constantly changeable environment, so I think the share of real projects with companies should be increased at universities. Only such approach faunally gives real skills for real company’s needs.

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