Smartphone as a Learning Tool – An Activity Theory Approach for Learning Marketing Concepts

Authors: Outi Niininen and J. Graham Spickett-Jones | For many people, the smartphone has become ubiquitous- the smartphone has evolved rapidly into an essential instrument for modern life. It has become a commonplace tool that has helped to extend personal horizons beyond immediate physical constrains; it supports a seamlessly blended, hyper-mediated and interconnected sense of…

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Finding our way in the world of interactive eBook making

An approach to  Design-Based Research and experiential learning. Authors: Reudler Talsma Johanna1, Koivu- Mouloudj Anniina, Aluoch Ernest, Parppei Jouko, Eila Burns| This article describes the process the teacher students carried out and the results they achieved when they took part in JAMK’s Future Factory activities. At the School of Professional Teacher Education such a possibility…

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